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 Last December 2019, CRMC Blood Center was able to conduct 47 Mobile Blood Donation Activities and collected 1,535 blood units from different areas in Cotabato Province, Maguindanao and Lanao Del Sur of BARMM and Cotabato City.

The Cotabato Regional and Medical Center- Blood Center has been conducting Mobile Blood Donation Activities to promote 100% Voluntary Non-Remunerable Blood Donation.

In December of 2019, the CRMC- Blood Center was able to conduct 47 Mobile Blood Donation Activities and collected 1, 535 blood units. The team conducted Mobile Blood Donations in communities of Cotabato City, thru City Health Office, PALMA-PB, Carmen and Mlang thru its Barangay Local Government Units and Rural Health Units. The Center was also able to collect from BARMM province thru its Local Government Units. It was not just through these communities that it was able to collect but also through its partner Non-Government Organizations and Government Agencies such as Bureau of Fire Protection-BARMM, Special Forces- Cotabato City, Metro Cotabato Water District, Bangsamoro Development Agency, LAMSAN, Dr. Serapio B. Montaner Memorial Hospital and National Irrigation Administration-XII.

Mobile Blood Donation Activities for the month of December 2019 Together with its partners, the CRMC-Blood Center will be able to give blood and save many lives.

Mobile Blood Donation Activity by the Barangay Local Goverment (BLGU)

Mobile Blood Donation Activity by Bangsamoro Development Agency




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Dr. Helen P. Yambao
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