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Synchronized Polio Immunization Activity

Nov.25-Dec.7,2019 (1st round) Jan.20-Feb.2,2020 (2nd Round)

 The Department of Health declared a Polio outbreak in the Philippines on September 19, 2019. To address the resurgence of Poliomyelitis, the Department of Health is currently conducting series of synchronized oral Polio vaccination rounds referred to as the Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio campaign by providing mOPV2 vaccination to children aged 0 to 59 months old regardless of their vaccination status. The first round was conducted from November 25 to December 7, 2019 and January 20 to February 2, 2020 for the second round.

 The Cotabato Regional and Medical Center being one of the fixed posts in Region XII is committed to support the DOH efforts in strengthening the campaign to eradicate Poliomyelitis.  To support this advocacy, CRMC provides continuous immunization activity on a 24-hour basis including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Health education and information dissemination were also conducted by the HEPO and Infection Control Nurse of CRMC and IEC materials were posted on designated areas to promote awareness.

After two rounds of vaccination, a total of 659 children were vaccinated, 304 of whom received their vaccination during the first round while 355 children were vaccinated with mOPV2 during the second round.





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Ishmael R. Dimaren, MD, MHA, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS

Ishmael R. Dimaren, MD, MHA, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS
Medical Center Chief II

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