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November 23, 2022, Cotabato Regional and Medical Center’s Skin Health Awareness Program conducted a free skin clinic and IM consultation at the Cotabato Bahay Maria Foundation, Inc. The program is in connection with the celebration of the National Skin Disease Detection and Prevention Week this 2 nd week of November. Prior the consultation, a lay forum was given by the CRMC in-house dermatologist, Dr. Portia Charisma Ruth Ortiz. Aside for skin clinic and IM consultation, our staff from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department (PMRD) and the Nutrition and Dietetics department provided lectures and activities for daily exercises which are beneficial and lecture on proper nutrition for the residents of the Bahay Maria.

Every second week of November, the Philippines holds its National Skin Diseases Detection and Prevention Week. This was a law established by Proclamation No. 110 by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to promote adequate skin care and self-awareness when it comes to taking care of one’s body.

The team extends its gratitude to the management headed by our Medical Center Chief, Dr. Ishmael R. Dimaren for their support to the program. Dr. Ortiz opened the program with a message of gratitude to the Cotabato Bahay Maria Foundation, Inc. assuring that this activity is only the beginning of active collaboration and partnership with the foundation. This is the one of the aims of the hospital which is to provide the needed care of the population to their doorstep.

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Ishmael R. Dimaren, MD, MHA, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS

Ishmael R. Dimaren, MD, MHA, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS
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