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Patient's Corner


Patients Rights

Citizen's Charter


Employee's Liquidation of Cash Advance (Official Travel)


Request for Preventive, Corrective/Repair Maintenance, Calibration Verification and Installation of Biomedical Equipment and Other Hospital Equipment

Blood Bank

Direct Distribution Scheme

Issuance of Blood Product to Non-Network Hospital

Receiving and Releasing of Requested Blood Units

Accepting Walk-In Blood Donor

Cancer Center

Outpatient Chemotherapy Treatment

Central Supply and Sterilization Room

Dispensing of Medical Supplies

Dental Consultation and Treatment

Delivery Room Admission and Consultation

Emergency Room

Engineering and Facilities Management Department

Accomplishment of Job Order Request (For works with available materials)

Accomplishment of Job Order Request (For works without available materials)

Production of Linen Supplies Based on Approved Job Order

Request for Civil Works

Request for Repair, Fabrication and Installations of Hospital Mechanical Facilities and Equipment


Issuances of Quotation Letter and Authenticated Statement of Account

Billing of Patients

Cash Operation Department

Issuance of Official Receipt

Releasing of Checks to External Creditors

Releasing of Checks to Internal Creditors

Claims Section

Clearance for PHIC Discharged Patient

Availment of PhilHealth Benefits

Health Education and Promotion Office

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials Designing and Production


HACT Services for In-Patient (Counselling)

HACT Services for Out-Patient (Counselling)

Hemodialysis Treatment Procedure

Heart Station

Heart Station Diagnostic Services (In-Patient)

Heart Station Diagnostic Services (Out-Patient)

Health Information Management Department

Issuance of Certificate of Death

Issuance of Certificate of Live Birth

Issuance of Requested Legal Documents

Release of Requested Legal Documents

Human Resource Management Department

Issuance of Certificate of Employment for Inactive Employees

Issuance of Service Record/Certificate of Employment for Active Employees/Submission of Requirements for Step Increment due to Graduate/Post Studies

Leave of Absence Application

Table of Requirements for the Specified Leave

Integrated Hospital Operation and Management Program (IHOMP)

I.T. Job/Maintenance Request Form

Internet Service Request Form/Master Data Maintenance Request Form


Laboratory Services Rates (In-Patient)

Laboratory Services Rates (Out-Patient)

Laboratory Services for In-Patient

Laboratory Services for Out-Patient


Complaints (External Clients)

Complaints (Internal Clients)

Inquiries and Other Legal Assistance

Review/Draft Contracts and Other Legal Documents

Lung Station

Pulmonary Function Test (Inpatient)

Pulmonary Function Test (Outpatient)

Materials and Supplies Management Department

Request and Issuances of Supplies, Materials, and Hospital Property and Equipment

Mental Health Unit

Medical Social Work Department

Availing Medical Assistance for the Indigent Patients (MAIP) from Hospital Initiatives

Availing Medical Assistance for the Indigent Patients (MAIP) from the Legislators

Availing Malasakit Assistance

Availment of Medical Assistance for Survivor on Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC)

Point of Service Enrollment

Nursing Service

Discharge Process / Discharging a Patient from Clinical Areas

Nutrition and Dietetics Department

Dietary Counseling/Instruction (In-Patient)

Dietary Counseling/Instruction (Out-Patient)

Provision of Meal and Snack Catering Services for Other Customers

Provision of Meals and Snacks for Personnel and Hospital Guests

Sale of Tube Feeding for Out-Patient

Out-Patient Department

Out-Patient Oncology Consultation

Pharmacy Department

Dispensing of Medicines and Medical Supplies (Internal Client)

Dispensing of Medicines and Medical Supplies (External Client)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department

Inpatient Physiatrist's Consultation

Outpatient Physiatrist's Consultation

Physical Therapy Service (Inpatient)

Physical Therapy Services (Outpatient)

Procurement Department

Purchasing of Bidding Documents

Purchasing Through Alternative Mode (Small Value Procurement)

Request for BAC Secretariat Certificate

Professional Education, Training and Research Unit

Application for Affiliates / OJT

Application for Research

Application for Residency Training

Request for Learning and Development Interventions (LDIs)

Submission of Training Reports such as: Learning Activity Instructional Design, Post Training Report, Action Plan, etc.

Psychological Section

Procedure on Psychological Assessment

Public Assistance and Complaint Desk

Handling of External Customer's Complaint

Handling of Internal Customer's Complaint

Radiology Department

Radiologic and Imaging Diagnostics Services (Inpatient)

Radiologic and Imaging Diagnostics Services (Outpatient)

Schedule of Fees

TB Center

Case Finding

Case Holding - Post Treatment Evaluation

Case Holding - Registration to Treatment (DOTS)

Case Holding - Registration to Treatment (PMDT)

Medical Center Chief's Corner

Ishmael R. Dimaren, MD, MHA, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS

Ishmael R. Dimaren, MD, MHA, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS
Medical Center Chief II

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